An interview with ME!

Q. Why do you want to provide childcare?
A. Well, there are simply so many reasons but here are the main and most important. I love children, which is why I have 5 of my own. I love spending my time reading, playing, doing art, walking to the park, and teaching them new experiences. I had an all-American childhood, full of days outside playing on the swings, riding bikes, playing in the sandbox, running through the sprinkler, sledding down the “big hill”, building snow forts, and so on…I want my children to have the same experiences and I hope your children can join us.


Q. What does a perfect day look like?
A. Having twin girls means my day starts really early as I am awoken by one bouncing up and down in the crib which then usually wakes the other. We get up and get moving.

twins hearts.15
The girls begin with their morning bottles and are changed, while I sip on a cup of coffee. The other kids begin to wake and get ready for school and that allows me to get myself showered and dressed for the day. My oldest, Morgan drives herself and Braedy, her middle school aged brother to school, while Emersen has breakfast and begins getting ready for school. Next year Morgan will also be dropping Emersen at school. After Emersen is at school, the girls and I have free time to play and read. AS kids arrive for the day, each will be greeted and will be told about a few fun activities that they will be able to do for the day. We do that for a short time and then it’s breakfast time. Breakfast is fruit, grains and a protein, such as blackberries, a cup of oatmeal and some scrambled eggs. After breakfast we have circle time, learn the pledge of allegiance, discuss how we are feeling and doing for the day and then discuss the day’s theme and activities. Weather permitting we will then spend some time outside. On a warm day we will take a short walk to the park.


On a chilly day we will stay in the fenced in back yard and play red rover, red rover or Simon says. After burning off energy, we need to refuel. So we will come inside for a snack. The snack will be a vegetable, grain and a protein, such as cheese, crackers and ham slices and carrot sticks. It is nap time for the infants at around this time and when they are ready for nap and laid down then we can pull out the art supplies and begin our creative activities for the day. After clean up and babies are awake, we are back at lunch time. Lunch time will be a colorful variety of food groups, blueberries, celery sticks, english muffin pizza’s, and milk. After lunch we need to let our food settle, so we then have some reading time. For older kids who may not want to listen to a younger book, they will spend time reading in a chapter book that we selected as our “book club” book. After story time we will do some stretching and maybe pop in a kids yoga video. After yoga we are now settled for some quiet time. Infants will be put down for a nap. If they are not ready for a nap, they will be rocked and read to and played with until they are ready for nap time. Toddlers and preschoolers will have their own sleep mat to cuddle and make their own. They can quietly listen to gentle music I play and take a nap. Older kids who have outgrown nap time, will be given quiet writing activities and journal time. After nap time, the kids will be ready for some outdoor play time, weather permitting. This outdoor time, will be free play, unless a game or activity is planned based on our theme.


We will come inside refuel with a snack. It will most likely be a smoothie that has both fruit and vegetables blended within. After snack, we will work on a learning activity such as, an interactive story, a puppet show, some pretend play, ect. By now we are close to pick up time and we will begin cleaning up and picking up toys and preparing to see mom and dad. This is a typical day, however kids can be unpredictable, so we are flexible when we need to be.

Q. What is most important to you when it comes to providing care?
A. safety and cleanliness are at the top of this obviously, however the happiness of kids is a close second. It is important to me that I get to know each and every child in my care. That’s why we start out the day “sharing”. It is important to me that I just know if your child is having a great day or is just kind of off. We all have good and bad days and I don’t want to have a child who just isn’t feeling themselves that day, leave feeling that way. It is important on those days that we work together to resolve and feel better. It may be as simple as letting that child pick their favorite book to read together, or just cutting them slack if they are not participating. My goal is that each child leave feeling respected and happy. It is my goal that each infant and toddler, leave feeling loved, silly and cuddled and rocked, and sincerely cared for.

Reese wig

Q. If you had a magic power what would it be?
A. Oooouuuuu. There are so many things, how could I pick. I would have to go with, the ability to slow down time. I feel like life just moves so fast and we really struggle to squeeze in little moments with our kids when we can and we are always left wanting more. I would like life to feel and be a bit more slow…just so I can smell more roses!

Q. If you had three wishes what would they be?
A. My first and foremost wish would be to end all childhood illness…all of them. I just can’t come to terms with why a family has to have that much hurt to watch a child battle and illness. My second wish would be to make sure all kids have warm meals and the opportunity for education. I know in the US, we can say all kids have an opportunity to an education, and they do, and the schools do a great job. It’s just some parents and families have obstacles and situations that can short change the child. I wouldn’t want a child to go hungry, unloved, or without the ability to succeed. My third wish…hmmm….probably to change the working environment here in America, to provide more vacation time, more maternity leave, and more personal time. This goes back to my super power…we just need more time as a family…life is too short.

all kids. quote. 2014

Q. What are you afraid of?
A. I want to say not a lot… but then I do have many fears. I am that worrisome mom. I am not afraid of spiders or things like that, but I am afraid of teenage drivers, middle school bullies, social media with no boundaries, and well… yes, snakes….

Q. What is your favorite television show?
A. I don’t watch a ton of TV lately because I am simply too busy, but I do enjoy Rehab Addict lately. I love that she is working on MN homes and that she is so passionate about preserving homes that have so much potential and beauty when others only see an eye sore. It is very inspiring and she is just such a spit fire. I enjoy her.

Q. What is your ideal vacation?
A. That is easy. Each summer I visit my best friend from high school at her lake cabin on Sullivan Lake. She has 7 kids and I have 5. So we are a dirty dozen. We play in the water, eat great food, relax in the sun, catch up on each other and just enjoy… It is a time we can shut everything out and let our kids just be. It is the best.


Do you have a question for me? If so, throw it my way! I am happy to let all of you get to know me better. Thanks for visiting and follow me so you can get my updates!


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