Kid Approved Reward Store

Learning is a big deal to me and I want to continue to encourage this within my home and day care. However, I also love having fun. To encourage my own kids and the daycare children to be engaged and encourage learning I am working on setting up a fun reward system. I do not like nagging or constant reminding if not necessary however. So to promote some independence for the older children we are going to develop a reward system for learning, manners and good friendships. At the end of the week, the children can “shop” at a reward store that they manage. The older children can be in charge of inventory, pricing (and keeping it fair), the time of day we “shop” and ordering and requesting the rewards for their store. To keep it manageable, I found this easy organization bin on pinterest that I will make:

reward store holder

So what will be in our reward store? Check back and see what the kids pick for their inventory!


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