What Are Your Top Five?

Hey Prior Lake, Savage, Shakopee mama’s! When looking for a daycare provider for your kids, what are your top 5 must haves? We each have them and based on our lifestyles and experiences they may be different. So here I will go first as I have had to have care providers for my children and I had some great and then some not so great… so with that said:

1. I need to know that my kids are their top priority. Done. Simple. When my kids are with you, would you jump in front of a speeding bus for them? If the answer is yes and I believe you, then move on to number 2.

2. Will they be happy? Do they connect with the caregiver? Do they enjoy the company? Does the caregiver genuine;y care whether or not the kids are having fun, if they are bored, are they taking a genuine interest in my kids happiness for the day? If my child is not happy and having a bad day, will they be concerned enough to get to the bottom of it, regardless of the age of the child?

3. Is the environment safe and kid friendly? No rusty nails sticking up in the yard, no tigers in the back yard locked in a rickety cage, ect… kidding…. hopefully no one in Prior Lake has any tigers… or rusty nails lying around!

4. If my child is ever hurt…and let’s just assume they may trip or run into something, ect…because if kids are playing or walking or breathing, even the most superior supervision can’t prevent a child from tripping over their own feet (ok, so even I do that)…will they comfort my child? Are they moved by the sight of my child being sad? When they want their mom and I’m not there, will they be able to fill my shoes and hold them, comfort them and be the next best thing to me until I get there?

5. Will they do all of the above and still give them clear and respectful discipline. I have 5 children, so I know that they can scheme up just about anything and anytime and I have been fooled by them a time or two… but I want my children to understand the value of respecting others and their property, to not know how to be a good friend, to know when to talk and when to raise your hand and wait your turn, to not own a mistake if they make one and to not know to pitch in and help when there is clean up/work to do. I want my kids to be at a friend’s home and have the parents want to welcome them back, so having a care provider that can both love and teach respect is huge.

What are your top 5? Share your top 5 with me and follow along as people share so we can all learn from each other what other mama’s want for their children.


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