My Home

Welcome to my home. I wish to provide you and your children with a safe and secure environment. After all, I wish to provide this for my own family as well. I will post additional photos as my daycare room is closer to completion. But I do want you to know some things about my home. My home does have a monitored fire and burglar alarm installed. This is for the safety of my family and yours. I live in a very safe community and a safe neighborhood, however this is just one more way to keep kids safe. Should there be an emergency, a code is entered and police and fire respond instantly. In addition, I am able to set the alarm during the say during daycare hours. This will alert me to any little escape artist in action as well as just give me piece of mind that during daycare hours as well as just give some added security.

My home also will be inspected on April 14th, by a fire marshall. This is part of the licensing process. Everything must be passed per the fire inspection. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and an accessible fire extingusher are just a small part of the insepction. In addition, the county will be in my home in May to ensure all baby proof items are installed and all safety features are up to code and installed. More on this soon.

Lastly, my home also has a radon removal system. Radon is a colorless, ordorless, tasteless gas that is a major health hazard. It is found all over in homes, offices, buildings, ect and depending on the level of radon gas, it can cause lung cancer. For the safety of my families health and your’s, we have installed a radon removal system in our home to ensure we do not have this health hazard in our home. Here is additional information from the EPA on radon:



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