My Room Inspiration

I want kids and parents to feel warm and welcome when they are in my home. I want a lot of activities and learning however I don’t want to lose the comfort of feeling like you are at home. Classrooms will come soon enough, but for now we are going to learn, play and explore in a more comfortable setting. I searched high and low for my idea room idea. I found it and love, love, love it! I of course will alter things here and there according to furniture I already have on hand, but this is my inspiration and what I am striving for!

daycare room


One of my favorite articles!

We are inundated every day with articles online via facebook, twitter, email, you name it… But when I find one that is so intensely good… then I share it… This just happens to be one that is too good not to share. Enjoy!

Summer Fun

Here is what I have planned for the summer:

Week 1 Theme: Sun and Water Safety
Week 2 Theme: Weather and Weather Safety
Week 3 Theme: Sharks
Week 4 Theme: Hawaii

Week 1 Theme: Being Patriotic
Week 2 Theme: The Ocean
Week 3 Theme: Pirates
Week 4 Theme: Ice Cream

Week 1 Theme: Butterflies and Insects
Week 2 Theme: Camping
Week 3 Theme: Space and Stars
Week 4 Theme: School and Rules

It is going to be a great summer. Each week we will incorporate outdoor activities, arts and crafts, meals & snacks, letters, writing, math, science experiments, history, geography, books, and journaling. Please join us for a fun summer!