Fun with a mini market!

I love that I have a great father who is not only a great Dad, but a jack of all trades! With so many ideas on Pinterest, it’s hard not to want to spend all day everyday building something. When I saw this Mini Market, however, I knew it was what we needed. I love that when it’s not being used it can be a great piece of furniture for storage. Plus I grew up spending endless hours playing “store”. I love this and I love that my Dad is building it for us! I will show my completed photo soon. Here is the pinterest photo:
mini market

Here is the link with the complete plan:

UPDATE!!! I had my un-painted mini market delivered last weekend. Now I just need to gussy it all up and add some fun! Needless to say, the girls are enjoying it without any gusto. Follow me to watch the market transform into a fun little shopping center!



My Room Inspiration

I want kids and parents to feel warm and welcome when they are in my home. I want a lot of activities and learning however I don’t want to lose the comfort of feeling like you are at home. Classrooms will come soon enough, but for now we are going to learn, play and explore in a more comfortable setting. I searched high and low for my idea room idea. I found it and love, love, love it! I of course will alter things here and there according to furniture I already have on hand, but this is my inspiration and what I am striving for!

daycare room